Crossroads 2012: Unknown territories of digital media culture research

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The programme for this year’s Crossroads in Cultural Studies 2012 in Paris was announced this morning.

I have submitted a panel „Here be dragons? Unknown territories of digital media culture research.“, with presentations by Richard Grusin, Colin Harvey and myself, and featuring Anna Reading as discussant. Come and join in the discussion on Wednesday, July 4th, at 09:30h (room tba).

“Here be dragons”?
Unknown territories of digital media culture research

Panel abstract

Vilém Flusser has claimed that it takes centuries to learn what new media mean. Yet, societies and especially media researchers rightly feel the need to try and address the ‚newness’ of new media immediately as they develop, identifying allegedly unique features and potentials for socio-cultural transformation.
However, scholars might need to reflect more what we do not yet understand about contemporary digital (trans)media and convergence culture. Indeed, if new media are as transformative as they are claimed to be, how come we seem to already understand them so well and not have to change our own research theories and methodologies much more fundamentally? The suggested panel will tentatively explore some hardly-known areas with regards to media history, affectivity and media shock and the language of new media. Rather than making flashy claims, we try to identify unknown territories and confusing research results, thus posing pressing critical questions for future research.

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